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The 2014 Peoples’ Social Forum Comes To Ottawa This Week

via: The Canadian Progressive

#PSF2014: 4-day 2014 Peoples’ Social Forum (PSF) lands in Ottawa tomorrow. A “grassroots, historical gathering of progressives from Québec, Canada and First Nations,” will execute “500 workshops, 20 Movement Assemblies, and almost 100 performances.”

Conservatives to Trudeau: you don’t have the judgement to lead

The Harper Conservatives may already have convinced themselves that Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau lacks “the judgement to lead” Canada. 

Canada’s Secretive Spy Agency CSEC Spies For Israel

via; The Canadian Progressive 

Glenn Greenwald’s “cash, weapons and surveillance" story reveals that Canada’s secretive spy agency CSEC may have provided Israel with the data “used to monitor and target Palestinians” in wars past.

Petronas seeks billions in Canadian federal tax handouts

via: The Canadian Progressive:

Malaysian state-owned energy giant Petronas seeks billions in Canadian federal tax handouts “in exchange for opening new markets for Canadian natural gas.”